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van transport

Detroit Car Transport has been shipping vans for about a decade. We have the knowledge and ability to transport any type of van to and from Detroit. We are nationwide, so you can transport your van across the county, wherever you want. Our services will provide you with an effective and safe way to move your van from point a to point b.

What can Detroit Van Transport do for you?

For starters, we will help you save money on gas and adding extra mileage to your van with our services. If you choose a reliable and affordable auto shipping company to transport your van for you, you are more likely to spend less money and save time while still getting your van shipped to where it needs to be. That is why here at Detroit Car Transport, we offer our customers the best prices in the market, as well as the safest auto transportation services.

We will also provide you with our door-to-door shipping service that is included with your order. This way, you don’t even have to go anywhere to drop your van off or pick it up, we’ll come straight to you! If you’re in a rush, we’ll speed up the process for you with an extra cost by offering our expedited auto shipping services. And if you want to be extra careful with your van, you can always choose our enclosed auto transport option. Your van will be transported in a closed carrier.

Our company ships all kinds of vans. 4×4 vans, box vans, chassis vans, city vans, electric vans, crew vans, cargo vans, microvans, and so many more! All we will need is for you to provide us with the dimensions of your van. We will ask for the height, width, length, and the weight as well. This is just to help us give an estimate for your quote and will also help us give you suggestions on what type of carrier is best depending on the size of your van.

Detroit Car Transport Strive to make van transport easy for you!