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Unemployment Rate Drops Beneath 7% For The First Since 2000

You are currently viewing Unemployment Rate Drops Beneath 7% For The First Since 2000
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It’s been discovered that unemployment is a new low. Ever since businesses have been able to bounce back from the wrath of the coronavirus it has all seemed like a dream come true for anybody off the street genuinely looking for a job in motor city. You see as it turns out there are more jobs hiring in town now than there have ever been since the year of 2000 in the month of December where unemployment had fallen well below 7%.

Well now as of November 2022s recent results of unemployment figures that record has now changed as we have been able to reach 6.4% as the new low of all time joblessness.

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the November unemployment figures, showing Detroit’s unemployment rate had fallen to 6.4% in November.  That marks the first time since December 2000 that Detroit’s unemployment rate fell below 7.0%.

Regardless of the process Mayor Duggan is even more sure that progress will continue to grow. He believes that over 8400 jobs are still available for the taking as of today. In his eyes there is definite benefit for the average Detroiter as it appears to be possible to get hired at any local business operating within the city limits in other words there is actual choices you can choose from when working out of this Michigan staple.

Detroit has been strengthening the economy all the links to good paying jobs being an attractive asset to its workforce. Even way back in 2023 it was apparent that the city was going to add even more jobs at the Amazon distribution center. 1200 to be exact. And with new construction underway for the employment center, that alone will provide about 400 new jobs. What is more is that under the current management the seating facility will be only capped at its full employment capacity after another 400 personnel are hired.

All in all it’s a strong era to live in Detroit. With all the industry, all the foot soldiers and all the freedom to run their city however they want, it doesn’t seem like there is a negative outcome in sight. Thank God it is America that we live in.

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