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Traveling In The Time of COVID-19

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Traveling has been on the mind for many. The current global pandemic has had affected almost every part of the world. From shutting down schools to clearing shelves at supermarkets, there is no place that hasn’t been affected by the virus. For airlines as well as oil companies, this rings extremely true. So true, that both have made prices so low, that it almost encourages those to travel in the face of disease. This isn’t for all travelers, though. Many are simply going from place to place due to work. Now, the majority of people are staying inside, but for those who cannot shake the traveler’s itch, or who are going begrudgingly because work told them they had to, we have some tips.

#1 Clean Your Plates With Alcohol Wipes

In 2008, I went to China. This was well before the current issues that are facing the world today. We were told by our travel guide to washing down the dinner plates with an alcohol wipe. Even still, bacteria can develop on surfaces like plates and glasses. Now, before I get too far into this, I do not believe that foreign countries have “bad germs” as much as any other place. The point that I am trying to make is that different countries have different germs. The term “culture shock” isn’t so much about being a stranger in a strange land, but it has to do with the drastically different types of foods and sauces that your stomach has yet to get used to. This can cause upset stomachs and a multitude of destination ruining symptoms.

While this might seem rude, it is simply to avoid any sort of sickness while out and about. Dinner plates and glasses are some of the most widely touched items within the global industry. Although I am sure they are heavily washed, they still see a number of hands afterward. Just play it safe.

Traveling Tip #2 Practice Safe Distancing

Traveling is a fun and great experience. It allows people the opportunity to reach out to different people and cultures. Unfortunately, due to current issues, keeping your distance is important. Now, this doesn’t mean treat each other like they have the plague, but it does mean that one must practice the respect of a good 6 feet. Skyping with locals might be your best bet here. Guides or friends still do their part to give newcomers the ability to see new areas and experience new cultures. Being able to see a new area is the key to traveling, but getting sick can be a huge bummer. The reduction of spreading disease is also the most important thing you can do right now.

Traveling Tip #3 Book Your Flight Outside of Self-Isolation

Right now, plane tickets are cheap. I found a round trip flight from LA to Boston for $200. Unfortunately, I think the best thing for me to do right now would be to simply stay home. That doesn’t mean travelers can’t use this moment to think outside of the current issue. It is a good idea to have a plan for when the dust settles and right now might be the best time to make preparations. Instead of traveling during the height of a pandemic, book further out!

Accessing cheap travel tickets doesn’t require you to leave right now. Use this time while in self-isolation to plan, save and pack! Remember to always be safe and in the meantime, practice all safe distancing practices so that you come out of this healthy and traveling!

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