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Toyota Has Two All-New All-Electric Cars Arriving In 2021

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Toyota, in an unprecedented move has made their move to launch an all-electric vehicle away from the Chinese borders. This is in spite of the company having made an announcement on their accelerating plans. Namely of the electric vehicles plants that keeps the automaker from Japan focused on hybrids and fuel cells. All too often, these are dismissable as battery-electric vehicles. Famously, the Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda, complained about battery-electric vehicles at meetings while spreading misinformation about electric vehicles, claiming that they weren’t proper to push for mass electrification.

In a later announcement, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) said they will “debut in the U.S. market this year, three new electrified models – two BEVs and a PHEV.”

Toyota had shown a study about electric vehicles.

The study claims plug-in hybrids had similar impacts on environmental circumstances, as would all all-electric vehicles.

Bob Carter, the Executive Vice President of Sales for TMNA had this to say: “We continue to be leaders in electrification that began with our pioneering introduction of the Prius nearly 25 years ago. Toyota’s new electrified product offerings will give customers multiple choices of powertrain that best suits their needs.”

There haven’t been any specific details as of recent about what these new electric vehicles will actually be or look like but truly they have some potential to compete. Toyota just needs to hasten the pace and just make something of their dreams. Still, maybe their pursuit of the electric dream is a little delayed as of late.

You almost wonder if plug-in hybrid cars could be as useful as BEV models. Is there any actual worth in the product? And if so, how come there aren’t greater strides for the electric initiative? It’s a very curious perspective indeed and one that makes you wonder about the legitimacy of it all. Isn’t that a struggle?

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