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Tesla Foresees ‘Master Plan’ To Conquer Sustainable Energy

You are currently viewing Tesla Foresees ‘Master Plan’ To Conquer Sustainable Energy
Tesla has better plans on the way.
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Tesla has released more details about their unusual future. This is stated as unusual because Elon Musk had been shifting gears with his CEO-running. Elon Musk has however, stated that he’s in the third phase of Tesla’s Master Plan. As the company stated, in regards to the news of Investor Day, “Tesla’s purpose is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

In this case, Elon Musk is pursuing the idea of a sustainable-energy economy, which in itself is doable. However, it requires huge levels of investment. Circling around the quantitative amount of $10 trillion USD. In total, that’s to say around 240 terawatt-hours of energy storage with additional renewable power generation coming in the form of 30 terawatts.

Within that case, the benefits outweigh the cost, according to Elon musk, while the following hours of his presentation at Investor Day showed off plenty of manners that Tesla could go ahead and make all their dreams come true. Additionally, their own fleet is going to fit in perfectly into the train tracks that have been laid out.

Tesla Is In Control Of Their future!

Tesla has had no actual conversation about the models through Investor Day, as much as they did talk about the ways they’ll build EVs upon new-gen platforms in more efficient ways than what it can produce today, all because of a new process that they refer to as unboxed assembly strategy. And it’s relatively interesting, being that the platform and the battery pack that comes with it lets the future car be constructed together, minus the usual automotive frame that can simplify assembly by a speedier and cheaper means.

One other change that arrives from Tesla’s pressroom is how eager and upward the process has been for an increase to be visible in the percentage of controllers that are easily found in the powertrains. It varies per model. In the Model S, there were only 20% of controllers that had been designed by Tesla. For the Model Y, however, it’s apparent that it had only been about 61%. For the Cybertruck, Tesla believes they’ll reach 85%, while in the following generations of vehicles, each controller is going to be designed by Tesla. Within the Cybertruck, Tesla states that it looks close to 85%, whereas in the next-gen vehicles, Tesla designs them all. The biggest plus? Better control will be enacted for the driver in all areas of the vehicles software.

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