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Stock Market Shocked as Fisker Goes Public, with Electric Vehicles!

You are currently viewing Stock Market Shocked as Fisker Goes Public, with Electric Vehicles!
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To begin with, 2022 should see a lot of interesting developments. Among them, Fisker Incorporated has been trading as of Friday morning on the NYSE. Their symbol? “FSR.” Their intention was to become a more public automaker available from a $2.9 billion deal with Apollo. As of today, even, Fisker had made it known that $1.0 billion amounts of cash is available. Without debt, of course. How would this affect the stock market? Graciously.

Furthermore, the company made a big deal out of demanding a development and production partbership with Magna. They are in the business of EV architecture. This is intent on being a big benefit to the Ocean electric crossover. The aluminum-intensive platform is best and most suitable for Fisker. In Europe at least. That’s where the stock market makes it big.

Why does the Stock Market trust Fisker & Co.?

Magna has a history of building several vehicles for several automakers, like the Jaguar I-Pace. The Ocean is about the same size but at half the price. Keeping it at $37,499 is totally eligible for buyers’ considering the $7,500 federal EV Tax credit.

Fisker goes on record for mentioning that the Model Y Ocean is possibly “the world’s most sustainable vehicle.” 9,000 preservations are capable up to October 28th. This can also be done with an uptick inside, over the past few weeks after production plans.

The transparency and scrutiny is found from a public company that Fisker is becoming. They have to keep the business tight on the first product to market.

Should everything go according to plan, Fisker will be revealing a “production intent prototype” at the LA Auto Show, which will take place in May 2021.

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