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Stellantis Sales Fall In Quarter One

You are currently viewing Stellantis Sales Fall In Quarter One
Even the new electric Dodge Charger could not help the company's sales in the first quarter.
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After the first sales quarter came to an end in March, Stellantis published their sales records in April. Their published information showed a decrease in sales of 12% compared to last year. That 12% equates to approximately $44.7 billion, which is quite a steep decline for the auto manufacturer. Experts are analyzing the numbers and reflecting that, most likely, this is the result of a lack of sales as well as complications stemming from the company making transitions in the way they are manufacturing items. The company has been shifting focus to designing and building the best “next generation vehicles.” However, not only are sales falling, but so are their vehicle shipments. Stellantis’ shipments were at around 1.3 million vehicles in the first quarter, which is 10% less than they were for the same quarter in 2023.

The revenue of the North America offices in particular suffered greatly.

Stellantis is hot of the tails of releasing their updated Ram 1500 and electric Dodge Charger, but even those could not save the company’s sales. In North America, they saw a lower revenue total with a difference of approximately $20.7 billion compared to last year. They shipped about 407,000 vehicles as there was little interest in the market needing them to ship vehicles.

The Chief Financial Officer Natalie Knight released a statement with the published sales information. In her statement, she expressed that they are improving overall as a company, despite the lower numbers. She further expressed that the company is growing and expanding and that in turn affected their numbers. For now, though, Knight confirmed that they will be reducing the company’s inventory.

Throughout this year, Stellantis has 25 new models expected to launch.

With Stellantis expanding their vehicle count, some think that the rest of the year’s sales will flip around and bring them above last years numbers. Of the 25 new vehicles expected to hit the market from Stellantis, 18 of them are electric vehicles. Knight and other company executives are expecting these vehicles in particular to really grow and expand their sales for the rest of the year.

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