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Auto Transportation for our Snowbirds


A lot of our clients are seasonal travelers, also known as snowbirds. We like to make sure everyone is provided with the best and most reliable auto shipping services for when the winters get too cold and it’s time to move to a warmer area. That is why we transport vehicles anywhere in the U.S. No matter where your destination is for your winter getaway, driving is not the ideal way to start your time off. It times a lot of time, it is exhausting, and it also might end up costing more money than getting your car shipped. When moving a boat or a trailer, it is even harder and more exhausting for you to do it. But with our large carriers and professional truck drivers, it is quick and easy!

Auto Transportation for Snowbirds is Our Specialty

We have been helping snowbirds transport from cold regions to warmer ones for about a decade now! Our company knows how tough it can be moving away from all the snow and just dreaming of hot sunny days. That is why we make sure to meet all of our customers’ requirements and needs when it comes to auto shipping, so they have one less thing to stress over. Whether you are transporting your car, van, or maybe even your boat, Detroit Car Transport will handle all of it with the prices that fit your budget.

Even though we are strictly an auto shipping company, we allow our customers to leave up to 100lbs of non-valuable items in the trunk of their vehicle at no extra cost. Our drivers are professional and safe, however, we do not ensure any items in the vehicle. But we do include full-covered insurance for your vehicle when you place your auto shipping order with us.

And of course, we offer door-to-door services to make your auto shipping experience even easier! We will pick up your vehicle at your door, with all the snow on the ground. Then, we will deliver it straight to your new location, with the sun shining outside.

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