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Silverado Stalling on Ice Is a Perfect Metaphor for Detroit’s Ills

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A new 2019 Silverado Trail Boss broke down on the ice last night at Detroit’s Little Caesar’s Arena, creating the perfect visual metaphor for the city’s recent woes. Detroiters are all too familiar with disappointment, not to mention hockey and cars. All three came together in the perfect trifecta of lameness, when the Silverado stalled near the center of the rink.


The truck broke down during the second intermission of the game between the Red Wings and the St. Louis Blues, just as the Zamboni crews were getting ready. Chevy’s reps were eventually able to get the truck started again. Then, they limped it off the ice right before the start of the third period.


Detroit has suffered enough lately, with the announcement earlier this week of the closure of five of its North American plants. GM will be laying off almost fifteen percent of its workers – some 14,000 people. The Hamtramck Assembly plant, just a few miles to the north of the arena, is among the closures. Locals will lose over 2,000 jobs.


In addition, Little Caesar’s Arena itself has been a bit of a letdown for the area. The arena seats, which are only a year old, were recently switched to black from red. The black color camouflages from TV audiences the fact that many of the seats in the arena are empty. Problems still exist with the neighborhoods surrounding the arena, in spite of promises to redevelop the area.


The site of the new Chevy truck simply dying in the Arena was like a poetic flourish on this week of bad news for the Motor City. On the bright side, the Red Wings did win a victory last night, so Detroiters have one thing for which they can cheer.

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