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Recruiting and Retaining Truck Drivers Successfully

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A lot goes into recruiting truck drivers. From the persuasive ads to the sign-on incentives. Business owners do what they can to appeal to those looking to get into the trucking industry, or those seeking employment in general. However, while fancy ads and campaigns are great, that’s not what’s going to retain your drivers.

The trucker turnover rate is high. So, we’ve compiled four important tips that will help you recruit and retain truck drivers for years to come.

TIP #1: Engage More

Get to know as many of your drivers as you can. Take the opportunity to ask questions and engage as much as possible. Be part of the team by showing up at meetings or any other team building activities. Getting to know your drivers really does go a long way.

Tip #2: Always Be Honest

Be upfront from the start. Let drivers know what the job entails. Sugar coating only last but for so long. If you do not communicate real expectations, then you will end up losing drivers. Furthermore, you will have a reputation as an owner who makes false promises.  

Tip #3: Allow Drivers to Have a Lifestyle

Studies have also shown that lower turnovers come from fleets who get their drivers home frequently. Therefore, improving delivery times, travel routes, and planning systems is essential to retention. Moreover, truck drivers who can balance work and life tend to stay longer.

Tip #4: Find Out What Drivers Want

It’s as simple as that. Drivers want to know their opinions matter. So, before you start with big improvement plans that will ultimately affect your drivers, talk to them. Advisory councils could prove beneficial as well. Furthermore, surveys are also another way to seek driver feedback.

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