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get a quoteIf you are already here, then you have found the right company for you! Detroit Car Transport is one of the leaders in the car transport industry. With our years of experience and trust, we built an empire of professional people assisting the most valuable customers.

How to Get a Quote?

Once you find us, you can get a quote whenever you want. Our quote submission service is available 24/7 and even if our office is closed, we are always ready to get the quotes and get back to you when we reach out of the office.

Our office hours are Mon to Fri – 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sat – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Sun – closed

get a quoteWhat information you need to have on you when getting a quote:

∇ Shipping Locations: Auto Transport From and To Where

∇ Vehicle Info: Year/Make/Model

∇ Transport type: Open Car Transport, Enclosed Auto Transport etc.

∇ The condition of the Vehicle: Running or Non-Running

∇ Pickup Date: Additional notice for Expedited Pickup

∇ Personal Info to Contact Back: Name, Phone Number & Email Address

Important Note: Detroit Car Transport doesn’t collect any payment information.

What’s Next?

After you got your quote, our live agents are doing their best to calculate the best deal for you. They contact you back with the personal information you provided and, voila, your calculated quote is ready. Due to the busy times we are having, our representatives pay attention to every requested quote. Because our customers are a part of us, so we always do the best not to keep waiting long!

Detroit Car Transport provides high-quality auto shipping services around the nation. Choose any location, any state or city and we will do the car transport services with the highest level of care. Trust us your vehicle and be sure that it is in safe hands, hands of Detroit Car Transport!