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Protesters Crash Stellantis’ Environment Initiative Announcement

Protesters Crash Stellantis’ Environment Initiative Announcement
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Protesters recently crashed a Stellantis NV announcement for a $1 million investment seeking to make our neighborhood in which it built its new Jeep assembly plant, moreover, the greenest in the city.

Protesters Carrying Signs

There approximately a dozen residents of Beniteau Street plus demonstrators with the Detroit People’s Platform carrying signs that chanted “Beniteau can’t breathe.” This is during the morning news conference that has included the planting of a disease-free elm. Moreover, they claimed environmental racism by Stellantis. Thereby, in fact, calling for more action to be taken with respect to pollution from the plant. As well as assistance for home repairs.

Protesters: Initiative is Piece Meal Approach

“In fact, they put a Band-Aid on it,” Robert Shobe, a 26-year resident of Beniteau, said of the actions the automaker has taken as part of its community benefits agreement with the city and their impact-area residents. “In fact, this wouldn’t happen in a non-Black community.”

Protesters: Detroit’s Greenest Initiative

Stellantis has launched the “Detroit’s Greenest Initiative” at the new publicly accessible stormwater park at the corner of Beniteau and Kercheval Avenue.

Protesters: Existing Commitments With Community Benefits

On top of the company’s existing commitments with the community been a three-year, $1 million pledge. This includes community benefits agreements made in 2019 for its $2.5 billion investment into the Detroit Assembly Complex. This would include Jefferson North Assembly Plant and the new Mack Assembly Plant.

Good Corporate Citizen

“There is a notion of being a good corporate citizen. This is important to use. The ongoing environmental impact of our efforts is especially important and timely in this mission,” said Ronald Stallworth, Stellantis’ external affairs lead for Wayne County. In fact, we are in the final analysis following through on our commitment to improving the environment. Moreover, there is a chance the quality of life for the residents on the eastside.”

Creating Thousands of Jobs

The project in the neighborhood will create 4,950 jobs in the neighborhood. Thus creating an advanced manufacturing program at Southeastern High School. There is an investment in workforce training opportunities. Moreover, there is such initiative that was shaped from input during the excess of 75 meetings from community residents, organizations, and leaders.

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