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Patient Wakes Up, Steals Ambulance

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DETROIT, MI – A patient stole a Detroit ambulance on Sunday night, according to local authorities. Fortunately, the authorities discovered the vehicle. Afterward, they safely returned it to the hospital. The man who stole the ambulance went into custody shortly thereafter.

Detroit police say this bizarre event started in the 19000 block of Prevost at roughly 10:15 in the evening. At the time, EMS officials responded to what the report said was a possible overdose situation. When they arrived on the scene, the medics discovered a completely unresponsive 25-year-old man lying on the floor. Furthermore, it appeared to be the result of drugs or possible drug overdose.

As per protocol, they placed the man in the ambulance and began to transport him to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, during transit to the hospital, the unconscious man woke up and caused a lot of problems. According to police, the man acted confused, disoriented, and was very uncooperative. Consequently, the EMS driver immediately pulled the ambulance over, trying to contain the situation as best he could. In the police report, the man’s behavior was described as “combative.”

Patient Steals Ambulance

Somehow during this stop, when the medic exited the driving cab, the patient snuck into the driver’s seat and he zipped away. The patient sped away for several blocks until a scout car successfully stopped the ambulance at Woodmont and Plymouth streets. This was just a short time after the initial incident.

Police arrived at the scene just a short time later. Consequently, officers took the man into custody. Police then transported the patient back to the hospital for further examination. There have been no updates on the man’s condition. However, the police will certainly continue to update the public as they wrap up their investigation. Stay tuned for more information in the future!

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