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A Mother Missing: Her Suspicious Disappearance on Thanksgiving Day

You are currently viewing A Mother Missing: Her Suspicious Disappearance on Thanksgiving Day
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WOODLAND PARK, CO. – Last seen on Thanksgiving Day, Kelsey Berreth’s mother reported her missing 10 days after her disappearance. At first, her absence was only considered a short unannounced trip, because it was unlike Berreth to disappear without a word. Now, she is considered a missing person.

At only twenty-nine-years-old with a one-year-old daughter, Kelsey last appeared at a grocery store on her normal routine. The father, and Kelsey’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, last reported seeing Kelsey while picking up his daughter that day for dinner. After searching her home, family members found both of her vehicles and her personal items untouched. There was no indication of packing for a trip. Something was suspicious.

Three days after her fiance noticed Berreth missing, her cellphone’s location reported in Gooding, Idaho. This location is more than 600 miles away from her hometown. Also, there were two outgoing text messages from her cell phone. One text was to her employer and the other to her fiancé. Interestingly, the text to her employer stated her absence for the upcoming week.

Berreth’s mother reported her missing a week after the texts. She claims that it was unlike her daughter to just vanish. Some people think it is suspicious that Frazee did not report his wife-to-be missing.

Meanwhile, Frazee has been caring for the couple’s daughter. He declined a press conference or any comment on the subject. There is no history of domestic abuse, and the family believes the relationship is a healthy one. Thus, Frazee claims that her absence made him uneasy but he was unsure about reporting her missing.

You Can Help, Too!

Currently, Kelsey’s situation is being treated as a missing person’s case. There is a Facebook group,  “Missing Mother – Kelsey Berreth” asking for any relevant information from the public on her whereabouts. If you have any relevant information please contact the group.

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