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MIOSHA Awards its Special Recognition to Marathon Petroleum

You are currently viewing MIOSHA Awards its Special Recognition to Marathon Petroleum
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MIOSHA gave Marathon Petroleum, Detroit, Michigan Refining Division, its Michigan Voluntary Protection Program (MVPP) Star Award for workplace safety and health excellence.

MIOSHA Commends Company Culture at Marathon Petroleum

“Marathon Petroleum has demonstrated that a company culture promotes a management committee. As well as employee involvement. There is also a desire to excel in safety and health. That, in fact, not only reduces injuries and illnesses in the workplace, but it can also be a positive experience in promoting safety and health for all. Moreover, I commend Marathon Petroleum,” MIOSHA Director Bart Pickelman said.

Best Practices Result in Excellence

There are two best practices that demonstrate this company’s safety and health management system excellence:

Detroit Armor

Detroit Armor – In 2013, initiating in 2013, Detroit Armor is the name assigning to specific safety meetings. In fact, the meetings are attending by the Marathon Petroleum Corporation safety professionals. As well as the safety professional from each contractor organization. They worked onsite at the time (Contractor Detroit Armor). During the meetings, injury and illness trends, near misses, audit findings in addition to the procedure changes, etc. are discussing. Moreover, the meetings have strengthened communication between the site and its contractors.

Training – This includes information on the safe work permitting process, fall protection, hot work, etc. In fact, all employees receive the three-hour Safety 101 training. Moreover, the Safety 201 course does build on the information presented in company-wide, web-based training modules as well as the Safety 101 course. Under development is Safety 301. It will finish with the focus on specialized work such as energy isolation (blanking/blinding, etc.) It incorporates both classroom and hands-on instruction. This is requiring training for many craft and lab workers.

Significant Accomplishment

‘Moreover, this recognition is an important accomplishment for the refinery. It does not happen unless we have a culture that’s safety-driven and focused,’ said Detroit refinery General Manager Dave Leaver. ‘Our committed dedication to making secure the safety of our employees and contractors, the refinery, and our community is what we attempt for, and I couldn’t be prideful of our team.’

In 1996, MIOSHA established the MVPP program recognizes employers with ideal safety and health management systems that go beyond MIOSHA requirements. However, the MVPP program is open to all Michigan employers. Therefore, to be eligible for the award, an applicant must have injury and illness incidence rates for each of the last three years that are beneath the industry average.

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