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Military Personnel

military personnel

Military men and women are always moving to different states in America. It is hard enough to pack your stuff up and leave, but driving from one place to another is even harder because it gets exhausting. That’s why here at Detroit Car Transport, we try to do the best we can by giving discounted auto shipping prices to our men and women in uniform. That is the least we can do to thank them for their services. It does not matter whether you are an Active, Retired, or Reserve member, our discounts are applicable to all military members. We can handle all types of auto-shipments. So whether you are moving from one city to another, or across the country, Detroit Car Transport can do it for you!

Detroit’s Best Military Personnel Auto Transport

Our auto shipping company is here to help you move wherever you need to. We can transport your vehicle anywhere to and from Detroit, as well as everywhere else in the U.S. Our company has been in the auto shipping business for about 10 years already. Every single staff member that is a part of our team is trained to professionally meet your needs in regards to your vehicle transportation. Our agents are trained to help you with the placement of your vehicle shipment order. If you need any type of suggestions, all of our staff can help you and make your whole process faster and easier.

Detroit Car Transport will transport your vehicle with our door-to-door service. Your vehicle will be picked up from your home and delivered straight to your new home! You can transport anything with us, your motorcycle, boat, bus, SUV, trailer, etc. We transport all kinds of vehicles. We offer enclosed and open car transportation. The enclosed car transport service will transport your vehicle in a closed trailer. The open car transportation service will transport your vehicle in an open trailer. Both types of carriers are safe and reliable, however, the prices vary. Please let your agent know that you are a military member to qualify for the discounted price.

We look forward to helping you with your vehicle shipment!