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Lotus Emeya EV Pushes Towards The Future With New Features

You are currently viewing Lotus Emeya EV Pushes Towards The Future With New Features
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Lotus is introducing a brand new hatchback of the electric variety. The vehicle itself is called the Emeya. The vehicle shares it’s very own platform and powertrain with the Electre SUV. Within it’s top version, the promised generation has been about 905 ponies in horsepower. The Emeya itself is meant to arrive in the United States within the next year itself as a 2025 model.

But furthermore, the Lotus itself is a British brand that is well-known for having a lightweight sports car that goes out of it’s way to release the 5500-plus-pound Eletre electric SUV, within the arrival of the 2025 Lotus Emeya Ev, all while in a different vehicle instead of an Elise or an Emira, which may not be as scary as it would be out of context.

The Eletre is itself a brother model to Emeya the hatchback, all with the hope of better performance, all in accordance to an aerodynamic shape.

There’s no exact telling what the Lotus will show in the future. The Emeya is going to be pretty heavy, similar to the Electre, while the Lotus looks to claim the 905-horsepower version as it speeds to 62 miles per hour in only less than 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 159 miles per hour top speed, all while it’s fitted with standard air suspension and even active aerodynamic elements, like front-grille shutters, a rear spoiler and even a rear diffuser, all as it looks to apply more downforce at the speed.

More range estimates for the Emeya will be available later. Lotus looks at the numbers to be available at a range between 260 miles and 315 miles, all dependent on configuration. The Emeya itself is able to use DC fast-charging available up to 350 kilowatts.

The interior itself is modern and has trimmed in materials like Nappa leather, Alcantara and even aluminum. Of course, the car will feature a huge infotainment touchscreen to sprout for the dashboard, all while incorporating a 55.0-inch augmented-reality heads-up display can be available as well. The four-seat arrangement comes with rear-buckect seats, while there’s also likely to be a rear-bench made open to organize passenger capacity to five. Additionally, the rear hatch would show an open cargo area.

Lotus states how the production of the Emeya is likely to begin in 2024 and it may arrive in the United States as a 2025 model, pricing isn’t quite released until much later, but there’s a chance that it will begin much beyond of $100,000, all with the 905-jorsepower version that continues north of $150,000.

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