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Every company that offers services must also provide high-quality customer services. It doesn’t matter what kind of company it is, for each business, this field is one of the top concerns.  The auto shipping industry is the same. Car Shipping is not a usual thing to do and when people do, they usually have many questions. Everything must be clear for the client about the service that he or she will be paying for. Industries like this are risky and dangerous in several aspects. Services that we offer are to be very detailed and discussed with the customer. Therefore, there should always be agents that are available to answer any kind of questions.

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With Detroit Car Transport, you will get the answers to any question that may appear. Let us safely relocate the vehicle at affordable prices. Our live agents and our team are always ready to help our customers get everything done fast and easy. Also, they work lengthened hours to do their best in helping you. Wondering if it is possible to ask an advice from our agents? Of course! They are eager to discuss Auto Transportation process with customers and, also, give some advice about it.

Talented Customer Service and Live Agents Are Available

Detroit Car Transport has gathered over 30 people around it to handle car transport for you. And during all these years, we gained a huge reputation due to the talented people around us. And what about now, we make every needed step to reach the highest level of affordable services for you. That’s why we hire only talented customer service specialists and drivers that can transport your vehicle.

When you book an order with our company, our live agents will help you along the way. He/she will discuss with you all the details related to your car transport. Afterward, our live agents will try to get you the option. He/she will set the dates for uploading and unloading of the vehicle of your choice. When your vehicle is in the process of shipping you can feel free and call your agent to check the status of your delivery. In addition, they can help you to keep a contact with your driver as well. Our live agents will always keep you informed!

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