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Lawmakers Critique DTE As Residents Protest Power Outages

You are currently viewing Lawmakers Critique DTE As Residents Protest Power Outages
Lawmakers are cracking down on DTE Energy.
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Power outages have run rampant all across the state of Michigan. Because of this, lawmakers are left to confront the execs in charge of DTE Energy and Consumers Energy. It’s the inadequacy of a $25 and $35 credit experienced in outages, while also the poor treatment of low-income communities and even future rates that would have to rely on state-regulated utility’s performance. Of course, the lawmakers are insulted. One in particular, Representative Helena Scott, the Democrat that leads the house Energy, Communications and Technology committee. The state has been suffering from huge power outages in the month of February, with nearly thousands of residents all over the state with no electricity, in all the cold conditions.

The Legislature is forming a work group with the state utility regulatory arm, where the Michigan Public Service Commission, it will determine how there have been statutory changes that could limit future outages and stop operational.

Meanwhile, over at DTE, the executive had been able to apologize for such outages.

He was stating how the Detroit-based company has been speeding up the spending plans for plenty more dire weather events with age-old infrastructure. Even specific investments, like automation and tree trimming have been done in near term while long-term changes may take time.

DTE Electric president and CEO Trevor Lauer said that, “I’m not making excuses, but we have a massive electrical system at DTE, and it’s going to take decades for us to continue to invest.”

The Executive for Consumers Energy had reason to believe that the Jackson-based utility for the efforts to harden the electric distribution system in order to stop any more outages. Let alone limiting the length of said outages. The investments can show all sorts of reliability if trust is put in the right direction.

Of course, better changes being on the way doesn’t mean it takes any less time and money.

Michigan Public Service Commissioner Katherine Peretick believes that the latest outages are totally “unacceptable” while new rules are supposedly taking place with higher standards relative to outages.

The regulator has also been thinking about the likelihood of performance-based rates while also showing off the process of commissioning an independent audit for Michigan’s electrical system. DTE Energy has been handling some allegations from lawmakers as it offers better ideas for the shareholders. The customers themselves have delayed investments that can doubly boost profits and stock dividends, as reliability would not be affected.

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