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Land Rover Range Rover SV 2022 Acquires Personalization Options

Land Rover Range Rover SV 2022 Acquires Personalization Options
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Land Rover Range Rover SV 2022 does look like it’s going to be a really special SUV. However, do you want your Range Rover to be really special? The Land Rover Range Rover SV version is available on short- and long-wheelbase models with the twin-turbo 538-horsepower V8. It will unlock a wealth of customization options. Land Rover does say there are 1.6 million combinations available for the model. Some of the options are really quite unique.

Land Rover Range Rover – Interior Materials

Therefore, the interior materials are where the SV really does stand out. In particular are the ceramic trims. The shifter, drive mode selector and volume knob have ceramic surfaces in black or white and gloss or satin finishes. Also, buyers can even opt to have mosaic pattern-embossed ceramic panels in the place of some of the wood and the metal trim in the cabin.

Of course, the traditional materials are still available. Also, they receive special attention, too. In fact, the wood trim can be had with the marquetry inlays. There are super soft semi- and near-aniline leathers are available, too. Plus, the buyers can have the front and rear seats finished in different colors. Also, if you don’t want animal skin on your seats, Land Rover is going to also offer polyurethane faux leather. Moreover, the company does say the production of faux leather yields only 25% of the carbon dioxide emissions of conventional leather.

Customizable Paint Colors

Available in mainly customizable paint colors are outside of the Range Rover SV. Also, the special variant can be coating in 14 exclusive hues in addition to the standard offerings. Moreover, the parts of the exterior trim and the roof can be painting in contrasting colors. The Land Rover will do some paint-to-sample colors for people who are looking for something very particular. The exterior gets a ceramic badging with the SV logo. The special 23-inch forged wheel is available. That wheel can even be painting in three different colors.

Also, the buyers that are a little short on creativity but still do something unique they can pick from a couple of configurations. That would be put together by Land Rover. In fact, they are the SV Serenity, which is showing in white at the top. Also, the SV Intrepid, that is shown in red at top.

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