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Kia Soul EV Features Additional Features That Surfers Can Shred With

Kia Soul EV Features Additional Features That Surfers Can Shred With
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In Europe, there’s a Kia Soul EV that has been re-released in a “Boardmasters Edition.” The vehicle itself retains a 64.0-kilowatt-hours battery all while feeding one 201-horsepower electric motor for an effective FWD. This is all while the car itself sits on sixteen-inch wheels of steel. And how unique this car is! Not only does it have a steel roof rack to hold surfboards, but it also has an upgraded suspension. This, coming with a 3.0-inch lift as well as a 4.3-inch track up-front as well as a 4.5-inch wide rear track.

This overall will heighten the Kia Soul to about 76.8 inches, which is seen as higher than a Kia Sorento. Additionally, the rack allows for a pair of LED Spotlights as well as a solar panel to recharge the battery pack. That way you have enough juice upon returning from riding the waves. Kia themselves has said that these changes could however ruin the Soul’s 280-mile range.

This edition of the Kia Soul EV is truly spectacular when you consider the trendiness of the Neptune Blue paint.

It adds vibrancy to the white stripes and Boardmasters logo alike. Within the vehicle, the rear bench is removed to widen the cargo capacity while also allowing the trunk floor to show spruce wood. There’s also a fold-out bench and a swing arm for drying wetsuits and towels.

It would be amazing if they could get this released in the United States. As it turns out, however, this is exclusively a car that can easily be shifted to better benefit American roads. Here’s hoping that someday, somehow, this Kia Soul Ev will travel the Sea in anticipation of seeing a future with the American EPA, in different cycles. This type of thing could very well be possible in the nearby future. WLTP currently rates the Kia Soul EV at a 280-mile range.

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