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Judge Denies Trump Campaign’s Appeal in Election Lawsuit

You are currently viewing Judge Denies Trump Campaign’s Appeal in Election Lawsuit
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Judge Throws out Lawsuit

A Michigan judge has thrown out a lawsuit requesting state election officials to stop counting ballots and to provide ballot access to challengers. Therefore, the attorneys for the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump have requested an appeal of a Thursday, November 19th order.

Michigan Judge Rejects Filing

The Michigan Court of Appeals on Monday rejected the filing because it lacked the required documentation. It has already hit a road block.

Michigan Judge Says There Needs to be a New Appeal of the Filing

Therefore, according to a letter filed by the court of appeals, a new appeal would need to be filed within 21 days.

Moreover, at 4 p.m., the original lawsuit had a filing on Wednesday, November 18th. This took place in Michigan’s court of claims. Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager, said in a statement that the lawsuit must review ballots. This is referring to the ballots opened. Then, counted while the campaign did not have access.

President Trump’s Campaign Doesn’t have Meaningful Access to Counting Locations

“The presidential race in the state remains extremely tight as we always knew it would be. The votes in Michigan are being counted. Stepien said in a statement. “President Trump’s campaign does not have meaningful access to counting locations. The campaign needs to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process. This is guaranteed by Michigan law.

President Trump Commits to Honesty in Terms of Legal Votes Counted

“President Trump ensures all legal votes to be counted in Michigan and everywhere else.”

It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over – Joe Don’t Declare Victory Just yet!

Pulling in 2,794,853 votes to Trump’s 2,646,957, Democratic President-elect Joe Biden defeated Trump in Michigan, according to unofficial results.

However, Eric Ostergren of Roscommon County had to leave the absentee voter counting board in Oakland County. Moreover, the suit alleges that Ostergren was an election challenger.

There is another portion of the lawsuit which included an affidavit. It argues an election worker in Detroit’s TCF Center changed the date of receipt for an absentee ballot.

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Thor Hearne, said the lawsuit also sought for Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to issue a directive to election commissioners. It would be to provide video of remote ballot drop boxes. This way, challengers could see when ballots were delivered.

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