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Insurance Coverage


For most Americans, their vehicle is the third most important and valuable thing after their family and house. Transporting a vehicle is a huge responsibility for them and any car carrier company as well. Safety is the most important thing during the process and everyone knows that. And as it is also a dangerous thing to do, each carrier, as a rule, must provide insurance coverage during the auto moving process.


insurance coverage

Making sure that your vehicle is covered by a reliable insurance is a big thing. It makes you rest assured that if anything happens, your vehicle has an insurance that will cover all the expenses. ALWAYS ASK FOR PROOF OF INSURANCE. Every car transport company must have a valid insurance certificate, and they should be able to present it when needed. You should also ask questions related to their policy at the time of booking your auto shipping.



Full Insurance Coverage by Detroit Car Transport

Detroit Car Transport understands every concern about your car transport process. We are a team of experts that know how to handle car transport in a right way, which means we include insurance coverage. Our company does its best to deliver your vehicle to the destination of your choice safe and sound. Therefore, we only work with skilled and professional drivers and live agents. Having highly skilled crew is the number one thing!


At Detroit Car Transport, we have the following car transport insurance:

> For open car transport – $1,000,000, with cargo from $100,000 to $1,000,000

> For enclosed car transport – $1,000,000, with cargo from $500,00 to $1,000,000


When you trust your vehicle to an auto shipper like us, Detroit Car Transport, there is nothing to think about. However, you cannot ever predict what is going to happen next, but with us, you are fully insured and covered. Detroit Car Transport takes care of all the needed actions while moving a vehicle. Being in a car transport industry for almost a decade, made us one of the leading companies. Also, we gained so many customers that it will be hard to count them. Don’t think twice when becoming one of our customers. Our 100% insurance coverage is for you too!


Call us at (313) 242-7029 and speak to one of our live agents. Ask any question you might have, our team is always ready to answer all your questions.