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Infiniti QX55 Delights Buyers With Some Cargo Space and Nice Styling

You are currently viewing Infiniti QX55 Delights Buyers With Some Cargo Space and Nice Styling
Infiniti QX55 is a Multi-Faceted Crossover
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Infiniti QX55 2022 is a stylish crossover. It is really not that big. Also especially for two adults, a preschooler, a golden retriever, and all of the things that are needing for Winter vacation.

Infiniti QX55 Coupe-Styled Crossovers

Also, with 26.9 cubic feet, there’s actually more cargo space than coupe-styled crossovers like the 2022 Audi Q5 Sportback, Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, and BMW X4. Still, the graceful rooflines do, in fact, limit storage capacity for all of these. There are more commuter crossovers. Plus, if you need real space, you would opt for the more upright QX50 and its 31.4 cubic feet of cargo room.

Trunks and cargo areas are often as much about shape as they are about raw volume. Also, the QX55 did turn out to be roomy. Items put into the vehicle include a large Samsonite carry-on (19 inches long, 13.5 inches wide), a huge duffle bag, a box of food and stuff, a case of beer, a sled, and a few other things, plus there were two heavy winter parkas laying over the top. Also, a trash bag filled with laundry and beer from the local brewing scene.

That’s the tradeoff and something you’ll want to consider if you’re buying something like the QX55. You need to really like the styling, and this segment includes lookers like the X4. It is more compelling visually than their boxier brethren. Moreover, the QX55 Infiniti’s variable compression turbo does make up 268 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, so there really no compelling powertrain reason to seek out the coupe version.

Infiniti QX55 – Steering and Suspension

Actually, the steering is light and the suspension is tuning for comfort. The VC turbo is an strong engine that has some power. Infiniti is investing in this technology. It does deserve credit for using it across its lineup to deliver performance plus respectable fuel economy (25 mpg combined).

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