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Industry Auto Group is Seeking an Update to Federal Safety Tests

You are currently viewing Industry Auto Group is Seeking an Update to Federal Safety Tests
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An industry group is representing the leading automakers to urge the federal government to enhance crash test ratings to include modern safety technologies for the first time since 2011, the group said this past week.

Industry Group – New Car Assessment Program

Moreover, The New Car Assessment Program estimates the safety of new vehicles and thus providing public ratings for consumers. In fact, many have argued that the program has become less effective. This because the industry has outpaced regulators in safety technology. It has become closer to meaningless for consumers. The majority of 2020 model vehicles are receiving 5-star ratings. The rest are getting 4 stars.

Alliance for Automotive Innovation Recommendations

Representing the Detroit Three and other automakers selling vehicles in the U.S., the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, is now recommending that the NHTSA which includes technology. It is now typically included in new vehicles in those tests.

Evaluated by regulators are forward-collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian automatic emergency, and more. Also, Lane departure warnings and assistance technology for staying within lanes, and automatic high beam headlamps should all be evaluated by the regulators, the group has said.

Industry Group: Crash Avoidance

“There is a focus on crash avoidance, we are also moving away from crashworthiness. So, it is important that the NCAP program does the same,” said John Bozzella, CEO of the Alliance.

“To remain modern is really important with the NCAP program, and we need to kickstart this modernization with key technologies that do, in fact, have proven safety benefits.”

Moreover, NHTSA is going to update the program. Thus including similar technology. Earlier this year, it was announced shortly before President Joe Biden took office. Moreover, it was seeking for public comment on the proposed changes.

Updated Tech – New Rules

More than updated tech in its new rules, the Alliance recommends the agency NHTSA should on a regular basis identify new safety technologies. It would include in the rating system in the long term. Thus, meet with automakers and other pertinent groups annually to discuss research and development. They need to regularly evaluate how effective the program is. Thus update the program every three years. There are similar programs in other countries, the group said.

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