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How to Ship a Non-Running Car

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Non-running cars can still brake, steer, and roll
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Do you have a vehicle that’s more lawn gnome than car? Perhaps if you can just get it to a mechanic, you can get it in working order again, or if you have a niece or nephew who wants to try their hand at getting it to work. We’re going to be blunt here: it’s not easy to ship a car that doesn’t run. In fact, many shipping companies won’t even touch a vehicle if it can’t at least roll, brake, and steer. However, if you really need to ship a car that doesn’t do those three things, there are some shipping companies that can help. However, you may run into a few extra headaches and costs if you decide to ship a non-running car.

To ship a non-running car, you may have to meet some specific needs for your vehicle. Unfortunately, typical shipping trailers, like an open transport trailer, require you to drive up a ramp to load the trailer. If your vehicle can’t do this, you may need additional resources and specialty trailers. Remember, if you can get your car working enough to steer, brake, and roll, then you’ve solved most, if not all, of the problems of shipping a car that doesn’t run.

A non-running Car Can Still Roll

If your car can still roll, then it may be able to be transported on most trailers. The shipping company just needs your car to be able to roll up the ramp to get it on the trailer. For those with issues, some transport trailers have a winch attached to get your car moving. If a transport company needs to use specialty tools like this, they may charge you. These charges are typically classified as “non-run fees”. You can avoid these fees as much as possible by making sure your car can roll, brake, and steer.

No Brakes

If the car can roll and steer but doesn’t have brakes, it’s not the end of the world. This is especially true if the car is light enough that the shipping company may feel confident shipping the vehicle on a traditional trailer. If the brakes still don’t work, then you may need to opt for a flatbed truck to ship your vehicle. These types of shipping trucks are more expensive and typically do not allow for long-distance shipments.

No Steering

If you car cannot roll or steer, then it’s technically immovable. If it’s especially bad you may need to use a forklift to lift the car onto the flatbed truck. Don’t expect it to be cheap to ship a car that cannot run. However, if you can solve some of the major issues to make it easier to ship, then you could end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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