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How to Prepare Your Car to Be Shipped With Us

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Taking a picture of your odometer may give you extra peace of mind.
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For your upcoming auto transportation service, you may be wondering, how do I successfully prepare for my vehicle to be shipped? Well, the answer is much simpler than you would think! All you have to do is follow our guide to navigating the early steps of your shipment and we will do the rest of the work for you!

First order of business: wash your car!

Washing your car is the essential first step that you must take before you have your vehicle shipped. This will allow your vehicle to have a fresh, clean slate for you to identify any and all imperfections that may exist on your car. These are important to be aware of as it will help you differentiate if any other imperfections appear after you successfully shipped your vehicle!

Take pictures of everything!

After you wash your car and you are going through the process of looking it over for any imperfections, we suggest you take a picture of any and everything that you see! Taking a picture will be the best way to keep accurate record of any damage that exists on your car. Furthermore, if you are someone who worries about the idea of giving your car to someone else, a stranger no less, we suggest taking a picture of your odometer as well. This will give you peace of mind in knowing the miles on your car before and after shipping!

Clean the interior of your car!

When you car is being shipped, loose items can bang around, posing risk to the interior of your vehicle. We suggest you reduce this risk by simply removing any loose items from your vehicle ahead of shipping, If you cannot remove certain items, instead you can secure them down, so they are not going all around your car.

Reduce your fuel levels.

There is a sweet spot of a gas tank when it comes to your vehicle’s shipping. We ask our customers to have around 1/8 – 1/4 of a tank of gas when you ship your vehicle. This gives enough gas for an emergency without weighing down the vehicle too much nor posing high risk of leak.

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