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How Do I Prepare My Car For Shipping?

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Let’s break down those things with a definitive checklist of things to do to prepare your car for shipping.
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So you’re all revved up and ready to go for your next big move. You have set your date, you have your itinerary planned, and now you want to make sure you have everything ready. If you’re about to ship your car, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Let’s break down those things with a definitive checklist of things to do to prepare your car for shipping.

If you do everything on this list you can make sure that you’re not going to be charged extra in shipping fees and assure that everything will arrive safe and sound. There are never guarantees that there will be no issues so one of the most important things is to make sure the driver has adequate insurance to cover your vehicle. The first thing you should do to prepare your car for shipping is to ask your shipping company what kind of insurance they have. There are however a few industry tricks you can do on your own to prepare your car for shipping.

Prepare Your Car For Shipping By:

Cleaning your Car

This might sound crazy, considering your car is about to get really dirty on the trip. If you opted for open transport, your car is going to be exposed to the elements and more than likely return to you with a healthy layer of dirt. The reason to wash it before hand actually has nothing to do with looking good. You want to wash the exterior of your car because your car is about to go through an inspection. The driver is going to note any issues with your car, and if it’s dirty, this inspection can last much longer than if it’s clean. Save yourself some time when the driver arrives by making sure it’s easy to run their inspection.

You’ll also want to clean the inside. Make sure there are no loose fries in the seat or drinks left in the cupholder. You want to make sure you remove anything that may cause mildew or mold. Also, the car transportation is pretty bumpy. You don’t want loose change bouncing around and scratching your interior. Or anything loose for that matter. Cleaning out the interior is an easy way to prevent any issues while your car is in transport.

Do your own Inspection

Now’s the time for your own inspection. Take some pictures of your car, note any current scratches and write it all down. This way, your inspection and the driver’s inspection can look similar. More importantly, when your car does arrive at the location, you can check for anything that might have gone wrong. You don’t want to be unsure if that scratch was there before your shipment. Try to take a photo that includes the date right there on the photo. This way, there is no confusion as to the condition of the car on the shipment date. 

Give your Car a Tune-up

If your car is in need of some maintenance, now is the best time. Even if your car is on its way to the mechanic, there are some things you can do to even save money on your transport. Shipping a car that can not steer, roll, or brake will always end up costing more. If you can solve these three problems, then you’re in good shape. If your car is in relatively good condition, there are still some things to look out for. Make sure your car isn’t leaking any fluids. If your car is put on the top row of the trailer and it leaks oil on the car under, you could be responsible for the damage to the car. However, make sure that you top off your fluids, especially your coolant, especially if your car is going to go through some harsh weather. Lastly, make sure your battery is in working order. If the driver has any trouble getting your car off or on the trailer, you could be in for some extra moving fees.

Don’t top off the gas tank. You’re not going to need gas, and more importantly, gas can make your car much heavier. A heavier car may wind up being more expensive to ship. Having no more than a quarter tank ensures your car is as light as it can be and, therefore, easier to ship.

Remove any Aftermarket Accessories

If you can take off your spoiler or body kit, you can make sure nothing will go wrong with your shipment. They design these trailers for regular cars. Cars without enough clearance may have special needs and therefore may accrue more shipping fees.

Remove Everything Inside Your Car

Additionally, anything inside, like radar monitors or plugged in electronics, should go as well. You should not have anything inside the car that isn’t bolted down. Not only is this because the car is likely to bounce around during transit, but it also helps protect against theft. Your car may be left unattended at a rest area. A good rule of thumb is that you should do what you would if you were to park your car on the street overnight. Remove any backpacks, boxes, and things like that. Not only do those things make the car heavier, which may make your shipment more expensive, they are not covered by the insurance. It’s best to find another way to take those.

After You Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Once you’ve done everything you can, you are ready to meet your driver. They will have a very important document called the Bill of Lading. This document is where they will note their inspection and have all the details for your shipment. If you really want to prepare your car for shipping you’ll also want to prepare for when your car arrives. Make sure you have a copy of that Bill of Lading when the car arrives. Do another inspection of your own before the driver leaves. Note that there are no additional issues. This will make sure that your car is perfect and if there is a problem, you can talk to the driver’s insurance company armed with the Bill of Lading. If you are still looking for a carrier, call Detroit Car Transport Today! They have shipped cars for over 16 years and can help walk you through every step of the process. Their industry leading insurance is built right in to their instant quotes.

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