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Holland, Michigan

HollandHolland is a city in the State of Michigan that is located in Allegan County. It is located in the lower peninsula of the state. Nearby the city, Lake Michigan attracts lots of locals and tourists year-round. The city itself is situated on Lake Macatawa, which locals used to call the ‘Black River.’ The population in the urban area is about 113,500. The Dutch Americans first found this city, hence its name. That is why most of its population are Dutch Americans. The city is home to Hope College which is a private liberal arts college that was established in 1851. A very popular location is the Big Red Lighthouse that is right by Lake Macatawa and it is normally seen in lots of pictures. Nearby, the Holland State Park is home to lots of different animals like deer and migratory birds. Bird watchers usually go there to see some of the rarest birds and capture them on camera. During springtime, the city is known to be blooming with lots of colorful tulips! The locals hold the Tulip Time Festival every year in May to celebrate the growth of the flowers. If you’re a lover of flowers, head to the Windmill Island Gardens to see the field full of beautiful tulips of different colors! You will fall in love with this city’s culture and beauty.

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