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Hino Has Zero Emissions Coming In The Future – Ask Their Truck!

You are currently viewing Hino Has Zero Emissions Coming In The Future – Ask Their Truck!
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Heavy-duty electric trucks are becoming more prevalent in the world. It seems like just about every company is trying to cash in on FCETs or fuel cell electric trucks. Even, believe it or not, Hino and Toyota. That’s right!

Two titans of the transportation industry have decided to play their cards right and join forces to create a world-class, never before seen, Class 8 FCET for North America! Isn’t that great?

It’s amazing what densities can be effective with Toyota fuel cell stacks and the Profia prototype design by Hino.

The two companies plan to combine the brand new Hino XL Series chassis with Toyota’s fuel cell technology to create one heck of a truck. It will deliver exceptional capability without the harmful emissions that nobody needs. It continues to expand on efforts to make the streets way more clean.

There needs to be proactive action towards global environmentalism. And if the world can’t see it, then certainly it’s up to Hino and crew to show them how. Along with Toyota, they’ve both declared goals to lessen CO2¬†emissions by the time 2050 rolls around. Which is likely to happen, by creating commercial vehicles that are powerful enough to recreate energy without utilizing gasoline or diesel.

There was an optimum powertrain to adopt with the excitement of environmental pursuit. Just look at the load capacity that people came to love. This is the promise that Hino has made throughout the years. The chassis is well-designed to be excellent when having a cruising range of at least 600 kilometers. Which is to say you can tell hydrogen is their main exchange. Comprehensive technologies are imminent for the two as they continue to work hand in hand for the future. And you should really be on the look out for the refueling capability. This is one for the books.

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