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Ford Predicts EV Sales to Top Profits From the Sinister GM

You are currently viewing Ford Predicts EV Sales to Top Profits From the Sinister GM
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Ford Motor Company is on schedule to outsell General Motors (GM), according to a recent research study by Morgan Stanley. This would be in the EV market for 2021. In fact, the research does compare to Ford’s EV sales through the first 10 months of this year against GM’s while designating to note the latter’s halt to Bolt production.

Ford and GM are Household Names

With a longstanding history as household names, both Ford and GM reign supreme in the global automotive industry. This is especially true on U.S. soil where both automakers are, in fact, headquartered. Moreover, at one point, they were two of the top three automakers in the world by market share.

There is a traditional ICE guard for zero emissions with the changing. This affects EVs. Both Ford and GM (though some are reluctant than others) are pivoting their manufacturing and thus sales. They all vow for an all-electric future. Moreover, for instance, both automakers, GM and Ford, along with Stellantis have announced a joint goal of having 40-50% of all vehicle sales be electric by 2030.

In 2018, Ford is really starting to take EV production seriously. This is when it did announce 16 BEVs to come. Moreover, the company did gain a lot of street cred. It was by electrifying the famed Mustang as the Mach-E. It has fast become a hot seller around the globe.

Joined by the highly anticipated Ford F-150 Lightning which it will soon be joined by. It already has over 160,000 reservations. It is sold out through at least 2023 by the most modest calculations.

GM has really helped pave the way early on in the EV adoption with the Chevy Volt which is therefore followed by the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV. They are some of its best-selling vehicles.

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