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New Ford Bronco Debuts Monday!

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Detroit, MI – The new Ford Bronco is looking to turn heads upon its release. With a complete redesign, the famous SUV will be able to get you anywhere.

The original release, back in 1966, gave the world a glimpse at post World War 2 vehicle tech. By combining the off-road capabilities of a Jeep with the powerful engine of a Mustang, the results provide a combination of 4×4 off-road capabilities with a 6 or 8 cylinder engine. The Ford Bronco continues to solidify itself among lifestyle buyers.

Ford archivist Ted Ryan has high hopes for the new generation.

“Bronco started in World War II when Ford built more than 270,000 jeeps for the U.S. Army,” said Ryan. “We took that know-how in four-by-four equipment and established a program in 1963 code-named Bronco.”

The new addition to the line-up is riding on the Ranger chassis. A sport version – “Baby Bronco” will be a 2-door while the standard edition will be a 4-door.

We all know of Fords history with warring companies. When first establishing the Mustang in 1964, they went toe-to-toe with Ferrari to make the fastest sports car. Their GT40 went on to win the Le Mans.

Now, Ford looks to take on Jeep. By creating a fully off-road capable machine, Ford is looking to reignite off-roading for their 2021 line-up.

The new generation will premier Monday and is looking to cater to the lifestyle travelers.

Lifestyle traveling is currently gaining massive attention with new car buyers. With cheaper fuel costs, many are looking to purchase a new SUV instead of a Tesla.

COVID-19 is currently changing how we view transportation. Many are opting for a vehicle that can take them anywhere while also maintaining safety procedures.

New car buyers are looking for a fresh approach to traveling that doesn’t involve getting on a plane or bus. By having a rugged all-terrain vehicle at their disposal, the promise of anywhere anytime is gaining a new meaning.

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