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Flint, Michigan

FlintFlint is a city in the State of Michigan that is located in Genesee County. It is about 60 miles Northwest of Detroit, MI. The city inherited its nicknames “Vehicle City” and “Mid-Michigan” from cars and the locals. The nickname ‘Vehicle City’ was given when the city became a leading manufacturer of carriages and cars. General Motors, the well-known auto company was established in this city in 1908. This city grew into an automobile engineering capital for both General Motors and Chevrolet. The city has a lot of historic areas that have remained from hundreds of years ago. To see some of Flint’s oldest areas, head to Saginaw Street. Walk around, explore all the buildings, streets and businesses that have remained here from the past. You can also explore the Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad that has been a historical site in the city. Applewood Estate is a farm that is open to the public! How cool is that? Because the city is popular for manufacturing auto vehicles, it has an amusement park dedicated to vehicles called Auto World. So, if you ever plan on going to Flint, make sure to have your own vehicle with you in Vehicle City!

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The goal here is that the customer does the least and we do all the work. For that reason, we deliver vehicles door-to-door. It makes the whole process faster and easier for you and us too! You can choose to have your vehicle transported in an open trailer or in an enclosed trailer. The open trailer is budget-friendly, safe, and convenient. The enclosed trailer costs more, however, it provides more protection and it is best recommended for luxurious or brand new vehicles.

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