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Ferrari SF90 Stradale Is Abled To Push For 60 MPH in 2 Seconds

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Is Abled To Push For 60 MPH in 2 Seconds
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Ferrari always has something up its sleeves. What’s an example of this speedy conclusion? Well, the latest Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2021 model can prove for itself. In case you missed it, the Stradale was tested to see how fast it could meet sixty miles per hour. And of course, the Ferrari was able to beat the previous record, held by the Porsche 918 Spyder. That vehicle was able to hold the record by point-one seconds. This was way back in 2014.

But now, Ferrari is king.

Have you seen what’s amazing about this new vehicle? It has a similar plug-in-hybrid powertrain readied at 918. However, the Porsche was a singular motor powered by electricity to power forward the front wheels. Whereas this Stradale is able to push the vehicle upon the track to about 133 horsepower, times two motors each on the front axle. In the midst of the wild way to the top, Ferrari has a 769 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 as well as an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. That of which features ANOTHER electric motor, producing about 201 horsepower. All in all, that’s a whopping 986 horsepower.

So it’s no surprise that even at 0.9 seconds, the Ferrari Stradale reportedly made it well beyond thirty miles per hour. If anyone is going to beat the quarter-mile finish, it’s going to be the Bugatti Chiron Sport. That vehicle was able to hit 158 miles per hour as it circumvented a quarter-mile track.

It should be recognized that vehicles like Ferrari models are typically very expensive. So this SF90 Stradale from Ferrari is quite the pricey ride. When you look at it on paper, it may seem like it costs $513,850. But the specific modifications that have been made rack it up to about $710,904. Isn’t that quite a hefty amount of money to pay for a Ferarri? I’d assume big parties are on the way.

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