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Expedited Car Moving

Fast and Easy

As an auto transporter, Detroit Car Transport knows how important the time is for our customers. During all the years of developing, our company is proud to inform you that we do Expedited Car Moving. But it doesn’t mean that our truck drivers must drive faster to reach the destination. It only means that our drivers will pick up your vehicle on the earliest date. So, your delivery can be quicker too.

expedited car moving

We provide Open and Enclosed Car Transport services, Door-to-Door Delivery is included. You must choose whether you want Open or Enclosed service. You can ask for Expedited Moving service as well and get the best deal for three services together. Our talented agents can answer all possible questions you might have and create the best deal for you to be comfortable with.

Detroit Car Transport Offers

Our professional drivers are ready to take responsibility for your vehicle. Any vehicle! It can be a car, a bus, a boat, a van and even heavy hauling vehicles. We demonstrate the newest types of car carrier equipment and machinery. That means there are no obstacles for us when shipping any kind of vehicle. This is another factor of our dedication!

What Decides Detroit Car Transport Rates?


expedited car moving

The main factor in calculating how much it costs to ship a vehicle. Mostly, long distances lead to higher prices, of course. By requesting your quote online, you will get all the needed information about your vehicle transport expenses.

Transport Type

Depending on the transport type your car shipping process will be more expensive or cheaper. Our standard way of car transport is Open Car Transport service. But for extra safety and protection, we recommend Enclosed Auto Transport. Indeed, it can be a little more expensive than the standard, but whenever you choose it, you will never regret.

Vehicle Make/Model

expedited car moving

An exact make and model is a need for us to calculate your car transport accurately. You can give vehicle information when filling a quote form on our website. Also, our agents will ask you any information, just have everything handy when talking with us.

Season Changes

Like in all other businesses, weather and seasons play one of the important roles in car transport. For example, car transport to warmer states is very popular during the snowbird seasons, and the prices to those destinations are higher during that period. Learn more information by contacting us at (313) 242-7029