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Expedited Car Shipping: What It Is and How We Do It

You are currently viewing Expedited Car Shipping: What It Is and How We Do It
Our team makes expedited shipments easy for you!
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Often times, we get a request from people to speed up their order. After all, sometimes people have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Maybe they have to move for work all of a sudden. Maybe a family emergency forces them to get home fast. Or, maybe they just plain forgot to ship their car! No matter why you might need expedited car shipping, our team would be more than happy to help you out. Here’s how we can still get your car to its new home on time, even with a tight turnaround:

Expedited Car Shipping Means Finding the Right Carrier

The reason why expedited moving can be difficult is that we’ll need to find a carrier quickly. We usually have a while to find somebody to haul your car. We can reach out, search a bit, and find the perfect fit for your car. This generally means that we schedule somebody a few days or even weeks ahead of the actual shipping date.

However, with expedited orders, we need to find somebody who’s hauling in the next day or two and has space on their carrier. This can be tough, but our team is more than capable of managing it. After all, we’ve been at this for more than a decade. With our connections in the car transport industry, we can always find someone to take your car.

From There, It’s All About Safety

Many people mistakenly think that expedited shipping means that we’ll literally drive faster on the road. This is not the case. We already go as quickly and efficiently as we can with our loads; if we went any faster, we’d compromise the safety of all of our clients’ vehicles. Seems like a bad idea, right?

Once we find the right carrier for your expedited shipment, we treat it like any other order. We take the time to find a safe, efficient route that will get your car to its destination quickly. We make sure your driver secures your vehicle completely. And we’ll follow it every step of the way to its destination, ensuring that nothing bad happens while your car’s in transit. Yes, expediting your order means we rush it a little bit, but don’t worry. We still guarantee that your car will be completely safe and secure during its journey!

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