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EV Batteries: What Do Million-Mile Batteries Mean For Trucking?

You are currently viewing EV Batteries: What Do Million-Mile Batteries Mean For Trucking?
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EV batteries now have the ability to drive upwards of one-million miles. For many looking into the new approach by Tesla, questions are arising.

Does this mean the car will die before the battery does? What good is the battery after the car deteriorates? How does this affect the industry as a whole?

Well for one industry, this could mean a total shift. The trucking industry requires longer lasting engines. This typically comes in the form of diesel. Their heavy-duty nature is a perfect fit for long-hauling everything.

One of the largest costs for the industry is maintenance and fuel. With a lower maintenance cost and the fuel costs almost zero, the industry can benefit greatly from electricity.

EV Batteries Provide Longevity

The million-mile battery will be able to last over 3X as long as the most effective diesel engine. Along with the longer lifespan – the maintenance of an electric vehicle is far less than a standard ICE. With less rotating parts comes fewer variables to go wrong.

The trucking industry is currently facing huge problems. With many truck drivers continuing to work on the front lines of COVID-19, the industry is facing major setbacks. Overworked and underpaid, truck drivers have been helping the country stay on track with the reopening.

With limited drivers, the industry is taking look at not only the extensive battery life but not requiring truck drivers all-together. Currently, stage-5 artificial intelligence is under development. According to Elon Musk, the industry is looking to be on track for self-driving cars by 2021.

Combine the self-driving attributes, with a significantly lesser maintenance bill and eliminate the fuel cost? It almost like a no-brainer for top trucking companies.

The future looks bright for the industry. With so many ways to potentially cut costs, EV batteries look to be the future of not only trucking, but the entire automotive industry for years to come.

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