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Documents You Must Have When Shipping a Car

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We help you understand these must have documents and their importance.
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Shipping a car has never been easier. With online quotes and friendly customer service representatives to walk you through every step of the way, it’s easy to sit back and let the shipping company do all the work. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of and understand the importance of these documents. There are two documents that you must have when shipping a vehicle. You’ll have one while setting up your trip and the other when they drop off your vehicle. They are both equally important. At first glance, they may just find their way into your glove box to never think about them again, but if anything goes wrong, or if you need details about your trip in the future, you’ll be glad you had them.

Insurance Documents

This isn’t your insurance, this is the driver’s insurance. This shows what they cover and, more importantly, what they do not cover. Many people think they can save a few bucks on their move by packing their trunks, but don’t realize that anything inside the vehicle is rarely covered by the driver’s insurance.

The insurance should be clear with the bid. Many shipping companies will not even mention insurance until later to keep their bid as low as possible. They include insurance as a bonus add-on, as if it’s a luxury. This is a huge red flag for a shipping company. Check the insurance and double check the coverage. If the coverage offered doesn’t cover your vehicle, then it’s almost like they don’t have insurance at all. If you’re shipping a luxury vehicle or a classic car, you may need to find a shipping company that has enough insurance to protect your car. Detroit Car Transport is a highly respected car shipping company that includes a million dollars of coverage right there in their quote.

A Bill of Lading

You’ll receive this document after you receive your car. It is essentially the final signature to confirm the job is done, but you’ll need to check it when they load your car onto the trailer. It is the official record of the condition of your car. The bill of lading will note any previous damage or issues with your car. The driver will perform an inspection before they load up your car and fill out the bill of lading.

However, when your car arrives, it’s your turn to fill out the Bill of Lading. Do a walk around the car, noticing any scratches or dings. Tell the driver and they will include it in the Bill of Lading. The driver may want to get this part of the job done quickly to get back on the road, but it’s up to you to get things right. Once you sign off on the Bill of Lading, you’re essentially stating that the job is done. If you find a problem later, it will be difficult to explain that to the insurance companies. And the insurance companies will use the Bill of Lading almost like a law. So take your time before you sign.

Other Must Have Documents When Shipping A Car

If your shipment takes you through international territories, like if you’re delivering to Alaska through Canada, there will be customs forms and import documentation. There will be additional charges to take care of for handling customs. Also, there may be some additional documents you need to pass emission standards if you’re permanently moving your car to a new home.

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