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Detroit Home Sales Improve During Covid-19 Reopening

You are currently viewing Detroit Home Sales Improve During Covid-19 Reopening
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Detroit home sales improve as the state reopens. With safety rules in place, buyers return to scouting houses. And the real estate world celebrates a successful comeback story.

Covid-19 put a pause on life plans for millions of people. Among those eager to get back on track are potential homeowners shopping around for that perfect place. When Governor Gretchen Whitmer called for Michigan residents to shelter in place, real estate tours became an unessential business. Many transactions ground to a halt as potential buyers lost their jobs. Economic unease created a sense of unhelpful restlessness. And virtual tours just didn’t scratch the itch of onlookers.

In the weeks since the state’s phased reopening began, life has slowly resumed. Furloughed workers returned to their jobs. The demand for real estate returned. And agents have once again started in-person showings.

Reopening Rules for Detroit Home Sales

The landscape looks a little different in lieu of Covid-19’s initial shutdown. Though the situation is not nearly as dire as it was mid-March, cases continue to climb. There is still a place for precautions. Thus, the real estate industry is instituting some safety guidelines.

Gone are the days where couples caressed shiny new cabinets. Say so long to inspecting every nook and cranny. Bid farewell to brushing your fingers over marble counter tops. The new rules basically read: look, but don’t touch.

Susan Kelke of Real Living Ree Realty says her clients typically bring their own protective gear and know to keep their hands to themselves.–especially in homes that are still occupied. Agents report leaving the lights on and keeping doors open. This minimizes the need to touch surfaces. Those in charge of showings are opening cabinets and drawers for their viewers. So they’re seeing an increase in the legwork required. But it’s paying off.

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