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Crime Victims Receive Expanded Benefits Via State Budget

You are currently viewing Crime Victims Receive Expanded Benefits Via State Budget
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Crime victims in the state of Michigan are becoming eligible for such an expansion of benefits. In fact, in this case, it’ll a be twice as much money. Thankfully, this is going to luckily cover the mental health treatment, medical expenses and security, as well as bereavement.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer had even approved the expansion for Michigan’s Crime Victim Compensation Program. That in itself has been written in the budget that had been signed last month. In this case, the new rules are taking effect Saturday. Such is the latest from the offices of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

This is all great news! Such a legendary change in Michigan’s Crime Victim Compensation is unlike anything else the crime victims have received before hand.

This is all thanks to the bipartisan budget that had just been signed to display a commitment to supported victims all over the state. In fact, about $1.5 billion have been invested in public safety. The governor takes this as a top priority. Just so anyone can feel safe anywhere, if my supported in Michigan.

In the expansion, $25K to $45K have been able to be sent to crime victims. With increased support, other traumas are being covered finally. Such as emotional, mental, physical and psychological.

it’s important to note that no matter where you come from in life you really have to try to put yourself into the other persons, shoes, and understand what type of trauma they could’ve potentially gone through. Life is not one for us to judge, so therefore, this expansion and the state budget to allow for better opportunities of compensation for crime victims, is very useful. And it is something that truly needs to be copy paste it throughout the rest of the United States, if we were to live a happy existence.

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