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COVID-19 Cases On The Rise Once Again

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COVID-19 is definitely still lingering around Michigan.
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If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a real concern for COVID-19. Especially with how cold it has gotten. The Winter season is pretty bitter for plenty of people, and it’s no different in the state of Michigan. This is where the Department of Health and Human Services have found themselves totally busy in keeping up with the overwhelming statistics. Over the past week alone, for instance, the state had added 13,043 cases of COVID-19 with about 181 death, according to the department. Additionally, there had been an average report of 1,863 cases per day throughout the last seven days, with just about a nine-percent increase from a daily average of about 1,703 cases a week prior.

The state had mentioned how there were 11,918 cases and about 242 deaths from the virus in the past week since then. The state tally isn’t quite qualifying any of those positive tests with an at-home test. Within Holiday travel, experts think that the year will be very close but not quite to the pre-pandemic levels. In which case, would show how common it would be for Americans to opt for warm destinations such as Florida and Cancun.

Health Experts are themselves sure that the COVID-19 death records are inaccurate

The state had spoken at-large about how 1,068 adults adults and 23 patients had been put in the hospital with confirmed infections. This increase showed from the past week’s count of 974 adults and 29 children. The Inpatient Records had been set on January 10th, beforehand, back when 4,580 adults had been hospitalized with COVID-19. Around 4% of Michigan beds had been filled with COVID-19 patients. It shows a comparison to around 24% of hospital beds having filled up to capacity while there would persist to be around 2,889 daily emergency room visits, all because of the virus in the first week of January.

Metro Detroit health departments are being very insistent on keeping close to the guidelines recommended by the CDC. Especially in the case of K-12 schools. Therefore, you might notice how the Detroit’s overall totals since March 2020 is currently at 2,963,404 cases and 40,508 deaths.

Another thing to worry about is how multiple variants of the virus have accelerated at high rates, in which case, there would be a means of showing more of a need to hype-up vaccinations and booster shots as well. It’s definitely fearful for chronically immunocompromised Michiganites.

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