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College Students

Auto Shipping Services for College Students
college students

When going off to college, it’s an exciting time for college students to be starting a new semester and a new part of their life. However, the moving process isn’t the best. It’s exhausting, stressful, and can only be done in a short amount of time. As fun as living on campus is, getting around will not be easy once settled in. With companies like Detroit Car Transport, college students can have a small piece of home with them while they are away studying. This way, we know the parents are also assured of the safety of their kids, because no parent wants their kid driving the long distance to get to the campus, and they also do not want their kids living away without a car. Perfect solution? Auto transport.

Detroit Car Transport Has the Best Prices for College Students

That’s right! We offer discounted prices for college students as well as military citizens. Our company understands how hard it is to be away from home. Keeping up with all the costs while attending college is hard enough as it is, that is why we offer the lowest prices in the market for our college students. Once the shipping details are sorted with one of our agents, we will send out one of our drivers to load your vehicle onto the truck and hit the road. Since we provide a door-to-door service, you will receive your car right in front of your new home for the next four years!

While your car is on the road, it will be fully insured at no extra cost. The insurance is included in your auto shipping order price. You’ll have the option to choose between three different auto shipping services, open auto transportenclosed auto transport, and expedited auto shipping. The cheapest will be the open auto transport, which will have your vehicle in an open trailer and very secure on the road. The enclosed auto transport option will have your vehicle placed in a closed trailer when it is on the road and it is more expensive. The expedited auto shipping will speed up the shipping process so you can get your vehicle faster at an extra cost.

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Don’t forget to mention that you are a student to our agents to get the discounted price!