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Children Cause Damages Beyond $20,000 To Cultural Center

You are currently viewing Children Cause Damages Beyond $20,000 To Cultural Center
Children caused damages to the Bay Mills Indian Cultural Center.
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Some kids between the ages of 8 and 13 had been accused of a very heinous crime. Specifically, the damages caused to the Bay Mills Indian Community Cultural Center, through about $20,000 in damages. As it turns out, the children are going to be prosecuted within a tribal court while prosecutors look for a sentencing of community service and restitution. It would be the best solution for everyone involved.

The Indian Community has to pay to repair the property from out-of-pocket, while it’s part of the insurance policy and cleanup. What occurred exactly, were vandals eliminating portions from the building and other cultural artifacts, according to community members. It was visibly noticed to be damage caused by members of the community just about a month or so ago. In that time, the building has been long closed. Meanwhile, police think that vandals had access via a back window. Of course, the Cultural Center is utilized by the community to host gatherings and other vents. It’s still relatively unknown when the repairs can or will be finished on the property.

Investigators are certain the damages of the vandalism had been happening about a day or so of being discovered. Parts of the building were destroyed while the culprits had also decimated numerous cultural items.

Eye witnesses were disappointed as they declared how the building had been a safe haven to celebrate life and death. 

The community will need to close down the community in order to properly complete the investigation and calculate out how much the costs will be in entirety.

What is the Indian Community Cultural Department of Bay Mills anyway?

The Department holds responsibility to protect, preserve and revitalize the culture of the Anishinaabe. By doing this, it keeps the culture alive by sharing ceremony, drumming and other cultural craft practices and workshops. That Cultural Department themselves are additionally in charge of showing harvesting practices for such local crop like sugar bush, cranberries, medicines and a multitude of other items. Furthermore, the Bay Mill chapter believes in embodying Honesty, Humility, Love, Respect, Wisdom, Truth, Bravery and Respect. Now if only these children had any respect for those qualities that these indigenous descendants and allies alike had upheld for so long.

One thing’s for sure, the war on misunderstanding individuals from different walks of life will never be over. The one thing we can control is how we perceive the people who willfully decide against understanding.

It’s groups like these that need to be better protected from the dangers that exist on a widespread scale all around the United States. If we could just achieve a level of respect for our fellow man, then the world would garner much more peace much quicker. But the sad thing one may realize is that children of every generation may choose on their own accord to disregard the lessons passed down to them by their elders. In which case, a gross amount of misunderstanding is happening on a widespread scale. Certainly, the most dangerous.

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