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Can Auto Shipping Help My Company?

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Ship all of your company vehicles with DCT!
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Many people only think about car transport in the context of an individual person or family moving somewhere. They’d be surprised to hear that a lot of our customers are companies! If you own a company that sells or uses vehicles, then our auto shipping services can help your company run as it should. Here’s how to get car transport to help your business thrive.

Try Shipping Your Cars During a Company Move

Companies have to move across the state or even the country from time to time. Some companies find themselves needing to downsize to a smaller office space; others need to expand for larger operations. Either way, our corporate relocation service can help take a huge load off your shoulders. With this excellent service, we’ll come pick up any company cars you may have at your old office. Then, we’ll drive them right to your new one! Moving a whole company is incredibly hard, and it’s easy to forget about things when you have so much to keep track of. So let our team handle your cars; that way, you can focus on moving every other aspect of your company’s operations.

Dealerships Have Their Own Dedicated Service

It turns out that dealerships also need to ship cars all over; who knew? If you work for or with a dealership, then you know how many cars you need to move on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Even if you have dedicated car haulers on your payroll, it can be hard to account for every vehicle you ship. That’s why we made our dealer car transport service the perfect way to shore up your car shipping needs. With this service, you can leave any cars that couldn’t fit on your other carriers with us, and we’ll haul them for you. We’ll take care of any dealer swap, customer order, or any other auto shipping need your company has!

Auto Auction Owners Can Use Our Shipping Trailers

Auto auctioneers have to move a lot of cars, too. Whenever someone wins a car at an auction, they need their win to get to them in good condition. Otherwise, they might leave a bad review or even try to get their money back. Using our auction car shipping service ensures that their win remains in great condition. You’ll wind up with only satisfied customers when you work with our team of professional, efficient car haulers!

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