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Bus Shipping

bus shipping

Just like any other type of vehicle being shipped, Detroit Car Transport offers bus shipping services for everyone. Our company has years of experience in shipping buses for many of our customers. We have the necessary equipment to transport any type of bus that you want to ship to any location to and from Detroit, or anywhere else in the U.S. After being in the auto shipping industry for about a decade, we have learned all the best ways to load, unload, and deliver buses with the best routes in the country.

Need bus shipping services?

If you need to transport your bus, Detroit Car Transport is the right company for you. Before starting the shipment process, we make sure that our customers are comfortable with all the information we provide and that all their questions are answered. Our agents are always available during our office hours to assist you with any of your bus shipping concerns or questions. Then, once the order has been placed, we will ask you to provide us with some basic information about the bus. We will ask for the weight, height, length, and width of the bus. These factors will help us arrange the best carrier so your bus can fit well on it and it will also help us give you the cost of your bus shipment. Next, we will ask which type of carrier you want your bust to be transported in.

You have two options: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. The open auto transport will basically place your bus on an open trailer, which is the most affordable option. The enclosed auto transport will deliver your bus in a closed trailer, however, it costs more than the open auto transport option. Next, we will ask you for the location of pickup and delivery. The distance that our drivers travel from the pickup location to the dropoff will also affect the total cost of your bus shipment. Do not worry about anything, our team will guide you through the entire process and make sure that you are happy along the way!

Detroit Car Transport will transport any and all kinds of buses, such as commercial buses, school buses, articulated buses, transit buses, any type! Give us a call at (313) 242-7029 and one of our agents will get you started with your bus shipping order.