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Mobility Festival in Detroit Displays the Future of Transportation

October 12, 2018

Detroit mobility festivalDetroit, Michigan – Detroit mobility festival is coming back for the second year.

The mobility festival in Detroit will showcase autonomous shuttles, bikes, and giant drone.

At least 1000 people are expecting to attend Detroit Moves Mobility. The festival is happening in downtown Detroit.

Downtown Detroit’s Spirit Plaza transformed into a showcase of mobility, featuring driverless shuttles, planes, traditional bus, and bicycle.

Detroit mobility festival will give a hint of how the transportation and industry will look like in the future.

May Mobility, Chariot, Navya, Waymo, Priva and Calm Car are among companies displaying vehicles at the festival. This transport-oriented event has free admission.

According to the event organizers the mobility festival will have at least 1000 people attending over the two days.

Technical sales manager for Navya, Aaron Foster said the future technology will reduce traffic and stress related to driving.

Foster believes the removing drivers from the drivers’ seat is not necessary. He believes autonomous technology will come in handy in case the help is desired. Nowadays the autonomous shuttles are reality in Detroit.

A big initiative as Airspace X’s electric ‘’ vertical takeoff and landing vehicle’’, called Mobi-ONE is what other representatives are looking forward to.

Moby-One expects to shuttle up to five people to or from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Theoretically, the craft runs for 65 miles while being on charge without human interaction.

The Detroit Mobility Festival also displays electric bike from Bosch, Fast bus and MoGo. Six events are organized in the frame of the mobility festival in Detroit.

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