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International Beer Day Hits Detroit Brewery

August 6, 2020
international beer

Detroit, MI – International Beer Day is a yearly event for the folks of Detroit to experience craft beers from around the world.

The city is home to one of the largest communities of craft brews. The founder of the event, Batch Brewing Company has been brewing beer in the city since 2015.

International Beer Day Is A Launch For New Beer Companies

With a “taste of everything” the brewery caters to ciders, IPA’s, special crafts, and more!

There will be beers from every part of the world. From German pilsner to Japanese craft beers, the event looks to showcase the history and development of global beer!

The move comes amid the launch of Batch Brewings’ new beer line. The company has made major headway with public popularity. Throughout their history, they have worked hard to create events and be a part of the public.

“I appreciate Batch Brewing Company for our relationship in general, and in particular for adopting the project and creating a truly great beer,” said Brewz Brothaz podcaster Harry Weaver III in a news release. “The fact is that none of the participating breweries have to do this. The fact that Batch has chosen to do it says a lot about who they are.”

International Beer Day comes amid high tensions as COVID-19 is still impacting the country. With so many staying home, the event will cater to a smaller crowd than usual. With safety precautions in place and the event looks to continue its operations until the virus is no longer a threat to people.

Still, those without masks will be required to wear them. If they do not follow these safety measures then it has the potential to ruin a good time.

The event looks to be a huge kick-off for some looking to get into the industry amid a global pandemic.

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