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Floods Keep Brothers’ Neighborhood Philanthropy Awash

September 9, 2020

Detroit, MI – The Stallworth Brothers are struggling to fix three houses on Archdale Street due to constant floods affecting the area.

Natural disasters are naturally annoying. There’s not much you can do to stop an earthquake, hide from a forest fire or redirect a hurricane’s path. It’s bothersome and dangerous enough to escape these oddities of the environment. But when you’re Alonzo and Aaron Stallworth, you have no choice but to weather the storm and literally work through floods. Isn’t that annoying?

The brothers got hit with strict deadlines from the city, in order to bring their recently-bought residences back to their former, suburban glory. As they didn’t feel governed enough by the floods. The issue that arises, is the ebb and flow of rude floods, drowning the renovations.

This matter of water enrages the brothers, as all they’re trying to do is revert the aging neighborhood back to it’s essence of nostalgia. Why let the powers that be terrorize the homes that could be, for families?

Aaron scoffs at the spokespeople of Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department, as they care not to respond to their floods when it’s all throughout the city. “Ironically the water department is riding right by me and they’re going to keep riding, they’re not even going to look at the flooding.”

Sadly, the struggle only fills their work with more muck. But the brothers are trying to fight back. Insofar, Aaron’s got water checkers, floodlights, meters and even a snake machine. Yet, the floods call for pumping out excess rather than progress.

And if you think the weather is unbearable, hah! The largest concern for residents is that the floods will not prompt the city to attend to their needs as quickly as the rest of the greater Detroit area.

A seaworthy concern indeed.

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