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Collision of a Pick-Up Truck and a Bus in Detroit Sent 4 People to the Hospital

October 22, 2018
Detroit collision of a bus and truck

Detroit, Michigan – A collision on Detroit’s west side left four people injured. The collision occurred near the intersection of Livernois Avenue and Elmhurst Street.


As a result of a collision of a Detroit Department of Transportation bus and a pickup truck, four people were sent to the hospital.


One of the witnesses heard the collision when she was at work. Christopher Lewis ran out of the story called E&N party Store on Livernois Avenue.


Lewis said the collision was as loud as a big bomb. She said everybody was shaken up.


The cause of the collision served the truck commuting south on Livernois Avenue and running a red light, colliding with the bus heading westbound on Elmhurst Street.


The number of passengers on the bus was 12. Fortunately, they sustained minor damage.


The couple on the bus had to be taken to the hospital. Lewis said the collision could take away someone’s life. The drivers need to slow down.


The driver of the truck said his brakes stopped working.


The passengers of the bus refused to tell about the collision because they were rushing to work. It took about 90 minutes to get onto another bus. The investigation is still underway.


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