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Best. Commercials. Ever. Automobile Advertisements

October 13, 2020

In recent years, the National Football League's Super Bowl has been a hub for football fans and marketing gurus alike. Leaning a bit more towards the latter, I tend to find every thrill of the millions spent on commercials an...Read More

Detroit Motor Show

Detroit Motor Show Shifts Gears For Next Year’s Convention

September 24, 2020

The Detroit Motor Show (NAIS) will move its next event to September 28-October 9, 2021 instead of the summer 2021. The Detroit Motor Show traditionally took pla...Read More

Police Cars

Used Police Cars On Sale: How Come Garcetti’s Plan Fell On Low Battery

September 3, 2020

Used Police Cars appear on the digital market, years after LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's initial promise to have the boys in blue go green. Imagine the conflict of being a cop. ...Read More

Motor City

Motor City: Detroit’s Nickname

August 28, 2020

Motor City, (Motown) was the name given to Detroit back in the early 1900s. This all stemmed from when Detroit was considered the center of the automotive industry. This M...Read More

ev batteries

EV Batteries: What Do Million-Mile Batteries Mean For Trucking?

July 30, 2020

EV batteries now have the ability to drive upwards of one-million miles. For many looking into the new approach by Tesla, questions are arising. Does this mean the ...Read More

car sales

Car Sales: How and How Much Are We Buying During COVID-19?

July 2, 2020

Car sales have become a complicated business. In the midst of a global pandemic, customers worry about spending money on a new vehicle. At the same time, public transport continues to appear less and less appealing. How are a...Read More

detroit home sales

Detroit Home Sales Improve During Covid-19 Reopening

June 16, 2020

Detroit home sales improve as the state reopens. With safety rules in place, buyers return to scouting houses. And the real estate world celebrates a successful comeback story. ...Read More

chevy nova

Chevy Nova: Too Loud For The Neighbors

May 11, 2020

The Chevy Nova was my introduction to muscle cars. The year was 2006. I was about to meet my first high school girlfriends' parents. I was nervous. Obviously the "dad questions" were something I had worried about. ...Read More

truck drivers

Truck Drivers Need Help: Says Industry Leaders

April 21, 2020

The US desperately needs truck drivers. Unfortunately, the health and benefits of drivers across America have not been accounted for during this time of crisis. "Truckers ...Read More


Traveling In The Time of COVID-19

March 31, 2020

Traveling has been on the mind for many. The current global pandemic has had affected almost every part of the world. From shutting down schools to clearing shelves at supermarkets, there is no place that hasn’t been affect...Read More

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